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Eagle-Claw-Hook-Bronze-Baitholder-Box-of-5 E186A-1


    Snag your next big catch using the Eagle Claw Baitholder Two-Slice Offset Hook with Bronze Finish. It has a straight eye for easy threading of your line as well as two slices along the shank. The special design helps keep bait securely in place so it continues to entice potential catches to strike. The sharp point of this Eagle Claw hook penetrates deeply and quickly so fish can't swim away. Durable construction stands up to even demanding river and lake conditions.

    Eagle Claw Baitholder 2-Slice Offset Hook, Bronze:

    • Straight eye and 2 slices on the shank that keep bait firmly on the hook
    • Sharp point penetrates quickly
    • Forged hook strong enough to handle the most demanding fish and conditions
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